Jet Rocket

The Other Game by SEGA Enterprises, Ltd.

Not emulated in MAME


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Jet Rocket © 1970 Sega.

Jet Rocket is an amazingly realistic flight and air-to-surface missile simulator. A three-dimensional landscape unfolds beneath an aircraft flying a combat sortie as hundreds of tiny fluorescent points of light reveal port and harbor areas.

The player controls the jet's guidance system as it speeds over fuel dumps, missile sites, island fortresses and airstrips. Strong holds are outlined by a simulated infra-red penetration system.

Successive series of missiles are fired by a push button on the control mechanism. Ground impact explosions are marked by light and sound effects, which are intensified when a target is hit.


Jet Rocket the  Other Game
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Height: 71.5 in.
Width: 31.5 in.
Length: 47.5 in.


Released in August 1970.

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