Jet Moto [Model SCUS-94309]

The Sony PlayStation Game by Sony Computer Ent. America

Not emulated in MAME


[CONSOLE] Sony PlayStation Game

Jet Moto © 1996 Sony Computer Ent. America.


Game ID: SCUS-94309


Released on November 14, 1996 in the USA.

Export releases:
europe "Jet Moto [Model SCES-00566]"
japan "Jet Moto [Model SIPS-60020]"


SingleTrac Entertainment Technologies
Producer: Danny Lunt
Director: Mike Mason
Director of Software Development: Randy Zorko
Game Software Development: Michael Badger, Jay Barnson, Travis Hilton, Danny Lunt, Mike Mason
3D Graphic Tools: Russell Almond
Lead 3D Graphic Designers: Will Dougherty, Pierre Dufresne, Jennifer Fortin, Michael Makarczyk, Manny Rangel
Character Animation: Daniel D. Wood
Senior Sound Designer & Music Supervisor: Sandra E. Geary
Sound Integration: Scott Turner
Lead Tester: Nate Pendleton
Testers: Angie Bartholomew, Jon Marquette

Sony Interactive Studios America
Executive Producer: Allan Becker
Producer: Mike Giam
Assistant Producer: Felice Standifer
Shell Layout & Design: Axiom Design
QA Manager: Mark Pentek
Lead Analyst: Mike Benton
Assistant Lead Analysts: Joseph Aragones, Donovan Soto

Sony Computer Entertainment America
Marketing Manager: David Bamberger
Packaging & Logo Design: The Three 8 Creative Group, Ed Cristman, John Borg, Dave Mazur
Manual: T. S. Flanagan
Original Packaging: Sal Velluto
Promotions: Melanie Hitchcock
PR: P. Kevin Horn
Special Thanks: Mike Giam, Andrew House, Peter Dille, Jack Tretton, Kelly Flock, Marilyn Weyant, Howard Liebeskind, Kim Shanklin, Jeffrey Fox, Charlotte Taylor-Skeel, Susan Nourai, Nicole McGrath, Richard Watts, TBWA Chiat/Day, Travis Giam, David Jaffe, Steve Ceragioli, Trisha Giam

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