Jeopardy! White Ice

A 14-year-old Slot Machine by IGT

Not emulated in MAME


Jeopardy! White Ice © 2004 IGT [International Game Technologies].

Answer your players need for variety with the addition of the White Ice themes - to the Jeopardy! Slots series. Without question, these new 3-real, 3-coin, single payline games add fast-paced action to a slot classic.

Game features lighted top box that adds on-set energy to bonus game play.

The dollar version of the game will be placed on IGT's Famous Games link, offering a MegaJackpots Instant Winners top award (paid in full upon verification of win; where progressives are available). Stand-alone models are offered in areas where Megajackpots linked progressives are not available. Three Jeopardy! Jackpot symbols on the payline with a maximum wager trigger the top award.

Features and Benefits:
* Player recognition of popular television game show
* Available in quarter and dollar dominations, depending on jurisdictional approvals
* Easy addition to your exisiting Famous Games or Jeopardy! Slots link
* Exciting top-box based bonus
* Player-tracking ready
* Built-in progressive meter display
* Progressive MegaJackpots award without liability
* National and regional advertising support
* No-hassle, No-cost service and maintenance


Jeopardy! White Ice the Slot Machine
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S2000 Slots hardware.

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