Jackpot Party

Slot Machine published 21 years ago by WMS Gaming, Inc.

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Jackpot Party © 1998 WMS Gaming.

Jackpot Party, has had players dancing in casino aisles for years, and that dancing is sure to continue for years to come with Jackpot Party COLOR DOTAMTION!

Using the same 5-line style math and play mechanics as the original with the additional of a Party Animal re-trigger that will randomly show up during the bonus.

The Jackpot Party Bonus is triggered by 3 'Party Favor' symbols scattered on the reels. The COLOR DOTAMTION top box screen will change to display an instructional screen. The screen then changes to a 6x5 grid of tiles and an icon of an animating hand. The hand will slowly move over each tile. The player presses the Max Bet Spin Button to select the tile that the hand icon is directly pointing towards. Each tile has either a credit value or a 'Pooper'. If the player selects a tile with a credit value, the number revealed is added to the Bonus Total meter and the hand continues to move over tiles. The player continues to choose a tile as more credit values are awarded. The player may continue picking as long as each tile chosen reveals a credit value. If the player chooses a tile with the word 'POOP' the party is interrupted by one of the 'party Poopers', ending the bonus. The titles that were not selected flip to reveal the bonus values that the player had missed. Sometimes the bonus can be re-initiated if the 'Party Animal' pops onto the screen after 'pooping' out. This may happen randomly during bonus play.
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Released in May 1998.


Glass Art by: Shawn Smith

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