IQ Wrestler Sakuslo - Kazushi Sakuraba

A 11-year-old Pachislot by Luster

Not emulated yet.


IQ Wrestler Sakuslo - Kazushi Sakuraba © 2007 Luster / Tekno-Koshin.


IQ Wrestler Sakuslo - Kazushi Sakuraba the Pachislot
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Kazushi Sakuraba is a Japanese professional mixed martial arts fighter and former professional wrestler. He was one of the most popular fighters in Japan and is recognized by many to be one of the top mixed martial artists to date. He was known as 'The IQ Wrestler', for his brilliance in the arts of catch wrestling and freestyle wrestling and for his cerebral approach to fighting and also as 'Saku', which is frequently represented by the number '39' (the Japanese pronunciation of of 3 being 'san' and 9 'ku'). He has also been referred to as 'The Gracie Hunter' for his multiple victories over the legendary Gracie of 'Jiu Jitsu' practitioners.

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