A 30-year-old Coleco Adam Disk. by ADAM's House

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Invoicer © 1988 ADAM's House.

A full function Invoicing and Inventory Tracking program that will also keep a Customer Database of names, address, and Telephone Number information for recall during Invoicing, etc. Up to 490 Inventory Items can be held for immediate recall of name and pricing information, and immediate alteration of the quantity in stock. Prints an inventory listing (alphabetically or by Item Number). Keeps a record of each transaction for printout at the end of the month. Allows input of Company information, tax information, shipping minimum and/or percentages, plus other optional charges, fees or discounts. The inventory data can be entered or altered during the invoicing process. Inventory is resaved to media after invoicing or alteration, addition, etc. Requires at least a 64K Memory Card installed.


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