Coin-op Misc. Game published 47 years ago by SEGA Enterprises

Not emulated yet.


Invaders © 1972 Sega.

Invaders from outer space travelling in disc-like vehicles at great speed are attacking from unpredictable direction.

The Defender in the command module must be alert and quick to down the fleeting vehicles as they are in sight only momentarily. When a hit is made, an explosion of fire envelopes the target area.

Utilizing a film type system complete with projector and a superb sound track, an interresting realism is successfully developed. The Defender fires from an instrument that is operated by both hands and when the target is thought to be in sight, a ray beam projectile is released by pushing a button.
Goodies for Invaders
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Height: 69 in.
Width: 27 in.
Length: 35.75 in.

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