Indy 500 [Metalic Cabinet model]

Coin-op Misc. Game published 49 years ago by KASCO

Not emulated yet.


Indy 500 [Metalic Cabinet model] © 1969 KASCO (Kansai Seiki Seisakusho Co.).

On inserting a coin, the perfectly lit viewer illuminates a scene which resembles the wndscreen of your racing car, and while you get the feel of the controls, the red GT racer comes into view and under the control of the steering wheel. The car begins to move along the track, and is soon flanked by other cars running at their individual speeds along the roadway. Using your GT accelerator and steering wheel, the car should be prevented from touching those alongside it; A red light shows on the instrument panel to allow 5 seconds for preparation and familiarisation.

A bell rings and the race begins with the panel light changing to green, your aim is now to outrun the other cars, using your accelerator and steering wheel in an exciting and stimulating experience of true racing skill. Your score is accumulated on the electric eye radiotron valves, timed by the car and according to it's speed, the noise of the simulated motor allows you to judge your speed and driving ability.

Should the cars collide or touch the guard rail, your car will stop with a loud collission noise, and the other cars will run over you, after a lapse of 5 seconds, your car will run again, and the race proceeds.

The race ends when the timer indicates, your score is computed according to the running mileage, and the position of your car is also indicated. Upon running the whole of the 500 miles, the game may be played again by activating the replay button, located on the instrument panel.
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Height : 70 inches.
Width : 28 inches.
Depth : 37 inches.
Weight : 215 lbs.
Power : 150 watts.


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