Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark

Fruit Machine published 12 years ago by Red Gaming

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Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark © 2009 Red Gaming, Limited.


Horizon Cabinet
Cat. C game.


Released in March 2009.


* Play on 50p play to activate arrows in the reel game.

* Complete a line of arrows to start the feature with the completed bonus.

* If Mega start is awarded then it will offer a selection of different starts to the feature.

* If Skill mystery is given, then when in the trail game, if a mystery is landed on it will give a skill selection.

* Hi-Lo gamble to a reach a lit Indi, then you can move around the no-lose trail using the start button.

* See the future will show you the next number.

* Blockouts give a block of shots on the cash stack, each miss reduces the block by one until the shot hits.

* Reach the top or collect 3 Ark's to reveal the hidden treasures of the Treasure Trove.

* Hit Mega Streak in the super shots section for a big money reel repeater.

* If 'Super' Temple of Treasure is offered, use your skill to hit the Jackpot.


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