Ikari [Model KAC-IK]

Nintendo Famicom cart. published 37 years ago by KAC

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Ikari © 1986 KAC [K.Amusement Lising Co.].

Ikari is an overhead military themed shooter developed by Micronics and conversion of SNK's arcade game originally released in 1986. The game revolves around two Rambo-like warriors (complete with torso attached shorts and red headbands) who crash in an enemy infested jungle. Their objective is clear - they must now proceed towards the enemy headquarters, blow up tanks, gun turrets, fortified bunkers and lynch the enemy leader. Our commando-warriors, Ralf and Clark, come equipped with a standard machine gun and throwing grenades. More weapons can be picked up from downed enemies such as Fire Bullets (F), Long Range gun (L), spread/triple shot gun or bomb grenades (B). Other special and secret items are also available for the picking such as Speed ups (S), kill all enemies on screen (K), the rare mega-ammo (H) that fully refills the player's ammunition supply or the knife that kills enemies by simply touching them. All the ranged weapons have limited ammo and must be continually resupplied. But the meat of the game really lies in the vehicles - a tank and an helicopter can be acquired along the way, they both are bullet-proof and deal a fair amount of damage to enemy units. They however run on fuel and simply self-destruct when depleted. Ikari features four gigantic levels and a two simultaneous player mode.

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Cartridge ID: KAC-IK


Ikari for Famicom was released on November 26, 1986 in Japan for 5500 Yen.

Ikari was an arcade game by SNK originally released in 1986. This Famicom port by Micronics shows many differences with the arcade game. First of all, the game is split into four large areas whereas the arcade was a long uninterrupted level. Players can also pilot helicopters and new enemies have been added to the mix as well. Interestingly, the last boss is also completely different. The arcade game ends on a rotting general - this is also the case in this version, however, a hidden staircase leads to the final and fourth level. There, players fight the final boss, a large smiling skull-face.


Infinite continues: When you lose a life, the screen holds for a few seconds right before the dramatic 'Game Over'. To continue, press A, B, B, A before the Game Over screen appears.


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