Ice Trek [Model 720012]

A 35-year-old Mattel Intellivision Game by Imagic, Inc.

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Ice Trek © 1983 Imagic.

The legendary Nordic hero travels toward the isolated, sinister Ice Palace. He must cross miles of frozen tundra. Massive herds of caribou thunder by him. He tries to ski around them. If he must kill a caribou, the great and unforgiving Wildlife Goddess rises to avenge the loss! He must bridge a frigid lake, using a huge hook to catch and link floating icebergs. He must destroy other icebergs that can crash into his bridge!

When he reaches the Ice Palace, he assaults that loathsome landmark with enchanted fireballs! He must evade spikes hurled at him and melt the Ice Palace!


Model 720012


Design/Program: Patrick Schmitz
Sound: Dave Durran

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