Ice Hockey [Model FMC-ICE]

Nintendo Famicom Disk. published 30 years ago by Nintendo

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Ice Hockey © 1988 Nintendo Company, Limited.

Ice Hockey is a cute ice Hockey game by Nintendo where up to two players can compete against each other in intense matches. The game offers them the ability to customize countless parameters of the gameplay. First of all each team counts five players (including a goalkeeper) and can be picked from six different countries. They include Japan, Usa, Poland, Canada, Russia and Czechoslovakia - it is however interesting to notice that Switzerland replaced Japan in the American version of the game. Three different types of teams can be also selected - thin, normal or big. Obviously, the first type is the fastest but the weakest and the last is the strongest but the slowest. Finally, our heavily padded players are defined from a set of parameters such as Sticking, Shot-Strength, Checking and Face Off. During the game, some subtle moves can be triggered - for instance by quickly pressing B, the player can fake a shot, but, if on the contrary, the B button is hold long enough, he will trigger a flip-shoot instead. Also, players can battle for the puck but the whole thing can quickly turn into a global fight. The game's speed and the time limit of each period (from 7, 10 or 15 minutes) can also be selected before a match.
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Ice Hockey was released on January 21, 1988 in Japan for 2500 Yen.
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Game's description by Laurent Kermel;