Ice Fishing 2

A Slot Machine by Casino Technology

Ice Fishing 2 screenshot

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Ice Fishing 2 © 200? Casino Technology.

5-reel 21-line video slot.


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On-screen respin bonus : After the bonus starts, the 1st and 2nd reels are locked and only wild symbols appear on them. The player can nudge the other three reels between two positions until he finds a combination with the maximum win, shown in the Bonus Win window at the bottom left of the screen.
When the Player has got the best combination he collects by pressing start.

Ice Fishing bonus : The bonus appears as a second bonus screen. The Player uses the Hold buttons to select one of the 5 ice-holes on the screen. Then he casts his fishing rod in it. From each hole he may catch :
Empty Can - 4 x total bet
Bass - 5 x total bet
Trout - 10 x total bet
Salmon - 20 x total bet
Money Bag - 50 x total bet
Bear - Collect

When the Player has reeled in his win, this hole freezes and he selects another ice-hole to get the next win and this repeats, until a Bear appears from the hole. Then the Player collects the bonus win and exits the bonus. If the player has a chance to select the five holes without opening the Collect (Bear), he enters the next bonus level - Big Fish bonus.

Big Fish bonus : A new bonus screen appears where the Player can choose one of two fishes. One of them gives the Collect symbol, and the other gives a bonus win of 75 x Total Bet. Either result ends the bonus.