Hyperspace [Cassette No. 38]

VC 4000 cart. published 41 years ago by Interton Electronic

Listed in MAME

Hyperspace [Cassette No. 38] screenshot

Hyperspace © 1982 Interton Electronic.

An action game in which the players control spaceships. Moving the spaceship to hyperspace, firing missiles and absorbing hits from enemies all cost energy. Players must find the mothership to refuel before energy runs out and eventually destroy all enemy ships. There are nine sectors in which the mothership can be located and players can use an overview map to find out where it currently is and where enemies can still be found. When playing with two players control is switched between players when using hyperspace. Only one player is active at a time, the other is always in hyperspace.


[Cassette No. 38]


Called Hyperespace in France.


Game's ROM.