Hyper Olympic in Nagano [Model GX720]

Arcade Video game published 26 years ago by Konami

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Hyper Olympic in Nagano © 1997 Konami Co., Ltd.

Another superb multi-event sports game from Konami, following on from 1996's incredible update of 'International Track and Field'. Nagano is based around the Winter Olympics of 1998 and features ten Olympic events cased around skating, skiing, luge, bobsleigh, slalom and curling.


Game ID : GX720


Released just shortly prior to the start of its real-life namesake, exclusively in host country Japan. The actual 1998 Winter Olympics ran from February 7 to 22, 1998.


* Aerial landings : during the Aerials, press B as soon as you hit the ground and keep the button held until you have fully landed.

* Halfpipe gold medal : achieve a combination of F Alley Oop, and Alley Oop during the Halfpipe competition.

* Ski upside down : select Olympic mode and enter the Freestyle Aerials event. Choose any trick, and down press any buttons while moving downhill. After leaving the ramp, rapidly tap B. The skier will land and jump on his head and ski in that position.

* Snowboarding giant slalom : 'edge' by using A immediately after clearing the flag.


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Sony PlayStation (1998)
Nintendo 64 (1998)


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