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List of songs playables on this page:

01 the space memories (main theme).vgz
02 theme of production (menu).vgz
03 out of freedom (town).vgz
04 o.m.i.s.e (shop).vgz
05 fairyland (field).vgz
06 the skyscraper (tower of habel).vgz
07 dragon!! (cave of dead).vgz
08 big monster (boss).vgz
09 light metal (tech fortress).vgz
10 mysterious dimension (dimension world).vgz
11 battle in the splash cave (forbidden caves).vgz
12 undersea city (ocean floor).vgz
13 chaos separater (last dungeon).vgz
14 gayzac (last boss).vgz
15 disappear (ending 1).vgz
16 the new creator (ending 2).vgz
17 game over.vgz