Hudson's Adventure Island [Model NES-TB-USA]

The Nintendo NES Cart. by Hudson Soft.

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[CONSOLE] Nintendo NES Cart.

Hudson's Adventure Island © 1988 Hudson Soft [Hudson Group].

Game story from the USA manual:
The Evil Witch Doctor has kidnapped Princess Leilani from Master Higgins and taken her to Adventure Island in the South Pacific. It is your mission to help Master Higgins and save Princess Leilani, but it's not going to be easy. On the island, there are forests, mountains, caves, many enemy characters, and traps waiting for you. Can Master Higgins save Princess Leilani from the Evil Witch Doctor?


Cartridge ID: NES-TB-USA


Characters of Adventure Island (from the USA manual):
Cobra (100 pts)
Sneil (10 pts)
Fire (unbeatable)
Pooter (100 pts)
Coyote (500 pts)
Skeleton (10 pts)
Basser (50 pts)
Cavas (100 pts)
Zigmo (50 pts)
Ice (20 pts)
Waler (100 pts)
Red Oct (100 pts)
Blue Oct (200 pts)
Kello (200 pts)
There are brown Kello and green Kello. Be careful as brown Kello jumps.
Boss Area 1-8
King Quiller (5000 pts)


• Continuing Option (from the USA manual): You can access this Continuing Option by pushing the right side of the movement control button and the START button. However, you are only allowed to use the "Continuing Option" after finding an egg which contains the BEE somewhere in Round 1 of Area 1.

Game's ROM.

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