Hover Strike - Unconquered Lands [Model J9086E]

Atari Jaguar CD published 25 years ago by Atari

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Hover Strike - Unconquered Lands © 1995 Atari Corp.

You fear the worst for the missing colonists. Terrakian Pirates have taken over the distant planet, with their deadly machines patrolling every inch of surface. Your vehicle is a state-of-the-art armored hovercraft, equipped with rapid-fire cannon and powerful missiles. Anti-grav units enable it to float over any terrain. Knock out key targets and make way for the federation armada. Save the colony before it's too late!

* Enhanced game controls
* Full motion video sequences
* Ten new missions
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Released in October 1995.
Programming, Game Design: Denis L. Fung, Cary Gee, Craig Suko, Eric Smith
Additional Programming Support: Robert Zdybel, Hans-Martin Kröber
Producer: Leonard Tramiel
Music & Sound Design: Brad Wait, Robert Wait
Computer Voice: Erin Carson
Lead Artist: Chris Thompson
Artists: Ed Pearson, Ken Saunders, Keoni Los Baños, Jennie Birch, Donald Wang
FMV: Donald Wang
Lead Test, World Design Coordination: Lance J. Lewis
Additional Test, World Design: Hank Cappa, Tal Funke-Bilu, Scott Hunter, Harry Kinney, Ken Saunders, Joe Sousa, Chris Thompson
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