Hover Strike [Model J9009E]

Atari Jaguar cart. published 28 years ago by Atari Corp.

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Hover Strike © 1995 Atari Corp.

You fear the worst for the planet's missing colonists. Communications have ceased from the distant colony for over six months. Federation scouts have discovered that Terrakian Pirates have taken over the planet, their deadly machines patrolling every section of the surface.

The planet's colonists have completely disappeared. The Terrakians have established a horrible factory in the fourth quadrant, where they process human corpses to extract valuable organic compounds. You must lead the rescue mission to save the remaining humans, if any, and regain the planet.

There is no contact with the surface. The Terrakians have installed an atmospheric cannon which makes invasion plans and the armada's entry impossible.

The Federation has chosen you to launch the preemptive strike. They've provided you with preliminary reconnaissance reports. A military transport will slip through the enemy's shields and take you to your drop zone. Your vehicle is a state-of-the-art armored hovercraft. It's the ultimate war machine, equipped with rapid-fire cannon and powerful missiles. You have full maneuverability over any planetary terrain, including snow drifts, lava floes, desert sands, and turbulent water. Anti-grav units let you float just above the ground, so you need to use your brakes to slow down.

Your mission is to knock out key targets in each zone, crippling the Terrakian forces and halting their bloddy work. Let your sensors guide you to destroy enemy radar stations and blow up strategic fuel depots. Once you eliminate the atmospheric cannon you'll make way for the Federation armada.

Save the colony before it's too late!


Game ID: J9009E


[FR] June 1995, Consoles + N.44: 70/100


- To make sharp turns 'on the fly', press and hold the joypad toward the direction you want to turn. Release the A button to slow down, and then press it again to guide you through the turn as you go into it. Using this technique of tapping the A button while turning requires precision timing, but it is extremely useful. Remember; you are flying a HOVERCRAFT. Acceleration and braking, along with speed and momentum, are more important to good piloting than traction and terrain.
- Use the 5 key often while navigating through heavily occupied areas. This targeting system is helpful with identifying enemies that are not in visual range. By determining where the most dangerous enemies are, you can plot strategies. For example, you will probably want to attack a floater factory entrance and attempt to seal it off as soon as you suspect one is present. Or, if you are low on shields, you might rather stay clear of enemies and search for powerups.
- Avoid slamming into steep mountains or falling off high ledges. These events can cause great amounts of damage to your shields. Be especially aware of your surroundings in the night missions, and lay down several flares at a time for better visual navigation.
- Remember that the quickest way (or maybe even the only way) to reach your mission targets, may not take you along a straight path. You will often have to circle around mountains, ridges, or other impassable structures to find them.
- Search the Urban missions for hidden passages within some structures. These might be the only way to find a target.
- Know your enemy! If you can kill one with only a couple of photon blasts, don't unleash a flurry of missiles, these are too valuable to waste!
- Pay attention to the distant planets in the sky. They can be used for navigating the planet, as their locations are relative to a compass, and those locations will remain fixed.

* Cheats (at Mission Select Screen, unless otherwise noted):
- Unlimited Weapons/Energy/Shields: D+3+4+6+7 (tone confirms)
- Extra Lives (limit = 9): 3+6+9+# (tone)
- Level Skip: 2+4+6+7+8+9 (tone)
- Toggle Day/Night (during game play): U+A+B+C+7

* Eggs (at Mission Select Screen, unless otherwise noted):
- Change Globe Speed/Direction: 4+6
- Change Globe Size (CD only): U/D
- Alternate External Monitor Frame: R+C+1+4+5
- Alternate Ground Texture (during game play): U+A+B+C+3
- Debug Mode (during game play): U+A+B+C+6
- Change Music Tracks (during game play): U+A+B+C+0
- Comedy 'Ammo Depleted' Cue: C+4+8

* Enable Secret Bonus Missions (at Mission Select Screen):
Level 1 = U+2+3+6
Level 2 = D+2+6+7+8
Level 3 = R+3+5+6
Level 4 = U+2+5+8
Level 5 = R+2+4+5+6


Programming and Game Design: Denis L. Fung, Cary Gee, Craig Suko
Additional Programming Support: Eric Smith, Rob Zdybel, Hand Martin Krober, Dave Staugas
Producer: Leonard Tramiel
Music and Sound Design: Brad Wait
Computer Voice: Erin Carson
Lead Artist: Chris Thompsom
Lead Test and World Design Coordination: Lance J. Lewis
Artists: Ed Pearson, Donald Wang, Ken Saunders, Keoni Los Banos, Jennie Birch
Additional Test and World Design: Hank Cappa, Tal Funke-Bilu, Scott Hunter, Harry Kinney, Joe Sousa
Manual Text: Denis L. Fung, Lance J. Lewis, Elizabeth Shook

Image of M100 galaxy courtesy of the Space Telescope Science Institute/NASA.


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