Hotel Mario [Model 810 0090]

Phillips CD-i disc published 28 years ago by Philips Interactive Media, Inc.

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Hotel Mario © 1994 Philips Interactive Media, Incorporated.

Bowser has taken over the Mushroom Kingdom, he's captured Princess Toadstool and is holding her in one of the seven hotels in the kingdom. Only you and Mario can free the Princess but you'll have to battle Koopas, Parabombs, Banzai Bill, Spiney, Monty, Pat the Bat and other nefarious nasties!


Model 810 0090


Export releases:
[US] "Hotel Mario [Model 310690260-2]"


Executive Producer: Stephen Radosh
Producer: Michael Ahn
Product Engineering: Kevin Goldberg, Thomas Lohff, Stephen Martin, Kevin Va. Hunt
Associate Producer: Janice Convery
Art Director: Jeff Zoern
Artist: Mirena Kim
Sprite Animation: Pat Campbell (Digital Cartoons)
Hotel Background Art: Trici Venola

Animated Sequences
Animation & Effects: Terry O'Brien, Kathy Swain, Bonita Versh
Audio Producer: Lisa Brenneis
Theme Music: Jack Levy
Voice Talent: Mark Graue, Jocelyn Benford

Original Game Design: Stephen Radosh
Technical Game Producer: Kevin Goldberg
Additional Engineering: Michael Diehr, Ken Ellinwood, Charlie Golvin, Blake Senftner, Howard Soroka
Tester: Justin Merrow
Play Consultant: Hollie S. Lohff

Special Thanks: Cammy Budd, Rosalyn S. Bugg, Brian Conn, Christ Dudas, Annalisa Erickson, Dennis Kopp, Dave McElhatten, Mark Yamamoto
Pima Technical Staff: Mark Greene, Eliot Lipps, Kathi Overton, Frank Rada, Lou Rios, Mark Shakarjian, Keith Touzin, Jennine Townsend


Game's ROM.