Hotball Hockey

Coin-op Misc. game published by NAMCO

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Hotball Hockey © 19?? Namco.

This 2-player game begins with the serve of a 'Hotball' to player 1. After a goal has been scored, the serves alternates to player 2. Each player has a paddle which is used to drive the 'Hotball' into the opponent's goal or to defend his goal.

Each time a 'Hotball' goes into a goal, 1 point is scored. The game ends when one of the players reaches 11 points.

A special bonus round occurs in the midst of the game when someone has scored their fourth point. Within a matter of seconds, 6 'Hotballs' are served onto the field, creating a flurry of activity alternating between offense ans defense with this multitude of 'Hotballs' simultaneously on the playfield. If neither player has scored 11 points after this bonus round the serve will return to the mode of alternating between players.
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