Hot Shot

A 13-year-old Fruit Machine by Maygay Machines

Not emulated in MAME


Hot Shot © 2005 Maygay.

Hot Shot is a five-payline avp game with the addition of a pre-game gamble, which doubles the value of initial wins and activates the top feature automatically. This makes it a very exciting prospect for players looking to risk a bit more for the prospect of a better playing experience.


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Reel wins can be exchanged to enter the feature.

Each successful hi lo gamble will award shots and bonuses within the 2 wraparound trails. Hi being cash shots and lo being feature shots.

Light 3 icons to open up the Super Spins feature.

Steps can be used to change the number on the hi lo reel.

3 successful hi lo gambles will award a bonus.

Skill bonus is awarded if there are 3 consecutive odd or even panels lit.

Feature entry via the pre-gamble option will activate the Super Spins feature automatically.

A flashing machine name will award invincibility.