Hot Pick

A 7-year-old Slot Machine by Bally Tech., Inc.

Emulated in MAME !

Information for the following ROM(s): smih1767 smih1768


Hot Pick © 2011 Bally Tech., Incorporated.


Hot Pick the Slot Machine
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Housed in an Alpha Elite V32 with iReels.


Released in April 2011.


SMI #H1767
Min/Max%: 87.59%/87.99%

SMI #H1768
Min/Max%: 89.59%/89.99%


* Progressive Options: Occurs on average every 3,114,330 plays at max bet.
– Single level Internal/External progressive available at any bet.
– 500,000 Credits x Denomination reset.

* Free Games Feature: Occurs on average every 128 plays with an average pay of 30x total bet.
– Three scattered Free Games symbols awards 10 Free Games and 1x total bet.
– The Free Games multiplier starts out at 1x and for each Free Games symbol that is collected it increases by 1x and awards that multiplier to the current spin and all future spins. A maximum of a
10x multiplier can be reached.

* Hot Pick Wheel Feature:
– Prior to spinning the reels the player is prompted to select one of six reel symbols that will award the U-SpinWheel feature when three of the selected symbols appear on or within one position of the center payline.
– Depending on which symbol you pick you will get into the feature more often with lower pays or less often with higher pays. The wheelhas a dynamic paytable that changes with your symbol selection and also your bet level.

* Below are the six symbols frequency and payment information at max bet:
Bar - Occurs on average every 17 plays with an average pay of 3x total bet.
Bar 5 - Occurs on average every 23 plays with an average pay of 4x total bet.
Green 7's - Occurs on average every 121 plays with an average pay of 19x total bet.
Blue 7's - Occurs on average every 787 plays with an average pay of 126x total bet.
Red 7's - Occurs on average every 1,399 plays with an average pay of 224x total bet.
Wild - Occurs on average every 2,098 plays with an average pay of 336x total bet.

* Overall HitFrequency: 43.19%

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