Hollywood Squares [Model NES-HL-USA]

Nintendo NES cart. published 34 years ago by GameTek, Inc.

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Hollywood Squares [Model NES-HL-USA] screenshot

Hollywood Squares © 1989 GameTek

It's time to go Hollywood! Hollywood Squares, that is! It's tic-tac-toe with a twist - get your X's and O's by figuring out whether a "star" is giving a correct answer or making one up. And keep in mind that they don't always tell the truth! Consider the question, then agree or disagree with our electronic celebrities and the big bucks will be yours if you're right. Test your knowledge and intuition. Is the "star" in the center square giving you a straight answer? Is that ridiculous response really right? Only you can decide. Competition is keen and excitement runs high when you play the fast-moving Nintendo version of this hit television game show. It's fun for everyone!

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Released in September 1989 in the USA.


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