Hokuto no Ken [Model TDF-HK]

Nintendo Famicom cart. published 37 years ago by Toei Animation Co., Ltd.

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Hokuto no Ken [Model TDF-HK] screenshot

北斗の拳 © 1986 Toei Animation
(Hokuto no Ken)

A side-scrolling action platform game where the player fight their way through five stages. Bosses includes Mr. Heart, Shin, Jagi, Souther, and Raoh.


Game ID: Model TDF-HK


Hokuto no Ken was released on August 10, 1986 in Japan at a retail price of 4900 Yen. It's the first Hokuto no Ken video game released by Toei for the Famicom.

Kenshiro's voice when he stries a vital point was performed by a producer from Toei Animation, whose voice was digitized and inserted into the game.

The game was originally supposed to award the player with additional bonus points for defeating a boss with a finishing move. This feature was implemented in the sequel.

Stage 5 is the only stage in the game without a Big Dipper power-up. The one that was supposed to be added was removed due to a critical bug, and the Big Dipper that appears during the final battle against Raoh is purely decorative.

The instruction manual claims that the player can intercept Shin's and Souther's wave attacks with their attacks, but this is actually impossible.

The screen was supposed to display the name of an enemy's special technique in kanji whenever the player loses a boss battle. The kanji for these attacks are still stored inside the ROM's graphic data.

The developers considered Uighur as a possible first boss instead of Mr. Heart, but decided against this.

A title theme was composed, but was not implemented in the released game due to insufficient ROM space.


Easter Egg: Select two players mode. At the title screen, shout to the microphone on the second controller 10 times, then hold on the second controller Down + Left + A + B and press Start on the first controller. From now, the second player's movement controls will be scrambled. When he like to move left, it will move right, and so on. Nice joke.


Infinite Lives

Infinite Energy



Developed by Shoei System.

Pic. by: K. Suzuki, M. Higa
Prg. by: M. Yoshihara, Y. Kishimoto, Y. Sakakura
BGM by: M. Hara
Trading by: H. Tokuyama
OCHAKUMI by: K. Yoshino, N. Satoh, M. Takano


Game's ROM.