Hodj 'N' Podj

PC/MS-Windows CD published 27 years ago by Virgin Interactive Ent.

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Hodj 'N' Podj © 1995 Virgin Interactive Ent., Ltd.

Hodj 'N' Podj is a rambunctious collection of your favorite games with all new twists and none of the old drawbacks... like missing pieces and annoying opponents.

As Prince Hodj or Podj, you'll play 19 wacky mini-games in a fantasty land called Po-Porree. Here you must rescue Princesses Mish and Mosh from that creepy Prime Minister Salmigundee. Or not.

Have a ball playing games you know and love like Battlefish, Maze o' Doom, Barbershop Quintet or Poker all on their own. Or, if you're feeling generous, play them as a way to save the Princessess in a sly fairy tale adventure where winning is only half the fun.

Played alone or with family and friends, Hodj 'N' Podj lets you spend less time rummaging through drawers looking for those dingy dice and more time just having fun.

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The name of the game comes from the slang term 'hodge-podge', which means: a collection of sometimes random and unrelated things.


Design: Steve Eric Meretzky
Associate Producer: Ken Love
Lead Product Analyst: Stacey Mendoza
Other: Nick Camerota, Gordon L. Madison Jr.
Director: David Maxey
Programming: Brian Weed, Barbara Roman, Gordon Buchin


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