High Rollers

A 35-year-old Arcade Video Game by Enter-Tech

High Rollers screenshot

Not emulated in MAME


High Rollers © 1983 Enter-Tech [ETM].

High Rollers is an adaptation of Enter-Tech's El Grande for markets that did not allow 'card games'.

Instead of cards, 4 different shapes were used each one representing a card 'suit'. On each shape was a number that represented the card's denomination.

Each shape rolled out from the left side of the screen. The game play was like the company's earlier El Grande poker game.
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High Rollers the Arcade Video Game
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This game used the same board and cabinet as the El Grande poker game.
CPU - 6502

Gaphics - character based using a 6845. Color was 8-bit (256 color) output from a 32 color palette burned into a bi-polar PROM.

Audio - AY-3-8910


Software written by: Paul Walters
Graphics by: Barb Ultis