Herc's Adventures [Model SLUS-00298]

Sony PlayStation CD published 24 years ago by LucasArts Ent.

Listed and emulated in MAME !

Herc's Adventures © 1997 LucasArts Ent. Co.

Greek mythology is turned topsyturvy as three mighty mortals go to Hades and back to save a goddess and the cradle of civilization.


Game ID: SLUS-00298


Released on July 15, 1997 in the USA.

Export releases:
[EU] Herc's Adventures [Model SLES-00653]
[JP] Herc's Adventures [Model SLPS-01061]


Big Ape Productions
Game Design: Dean Sharpe, Mike Ebert
Lead Programmer: Dean Sharpe
Programmers: Jeff Hall, Alex Michaluk
Additional Programming Support: Dean Grandquist
Lead Art Design: Mike Ebert
2-D Artist: Sean Turner

LucasArts Entertainment Company
Production Manager: Camela Boswell
Product Marketing Manager: Barbara Gleason
Production Coordinators: Susan Upshaw, Kim Kowalski
Lead Artist/Designer: Peter Tsaykel
2d Animators: Kevin Boyle, Mark Hamer, Martin Yee, Chris Miles, Anson Jew, Leonard Robel
Ink and Paint Artist: Kim Lyons
Cutscene Effects: Michael Levine
Art Techs: Jillian Moffett, James Byers, Kim Gresko
Music Composition/Manager: Michael Z. Land
Music Consultant: Peter McConnell
Associate Sound Designer: Julian Kwasneski
Sound Dept. Coordinator: Kristen Becht
Additional Music Composition for Earwax Prodcutions: Andy Newell
Sound Composition for Jumpin' Jack Software: Brad Van Tighem
Sound Composition: Creek Hart
Voice Director: Darragh O'Farrell
Senior Voice Editor: Khris Brown
Assistant Voice Editor: Coya Elliott
Voice Dept. Coordinator: Peggy Bartlett
Voice of Atlanta: Rachel Reenstra
Voice of Athena: Lois Nettleton
Voice of Hades: Castulo Guerra
Voice of Hera: Patty Parris
Voice of Dionysus: Michael Gough
Voice of Zeus & Poseidon: Tom Wyner
Voice of Jason, Bronze Guy & Big Soldier: Wally Wingert
Voice of Minotaur, HellDog & Soldier: Patrick Fraley
Q.A. Manager: Mark Cartwright
Q.A. Supervisor: Dan Connors
Q.A. Lead Tester: Adam Pasztory
Q.A. Testers: Dana Fong, Deidre Anderson, Stuart Malkin, Jason Lauborough, Leland Y. Chee, Leon Susen, Michael Dillon, Todd Stritter, Scott Douglas
CD Burning Godess and Burning assistantTwinky: Wendy Kaplan, Kellie Walker
Manual Written by: Jo Ashburn, Dana Fong, Camela Boswell
Manual, Package & CD design: Soo Hoo Design
Package Illustration: Steve Purcell
Product Support Manager: Dan Gossett
Public Relations Manager: Tom Sarris
Public Relations Associate: Heather Twist
Sales Operations Manager: Jason Horstman
National Sales Manager: Meredith Cahill
Very Special Thanks: George Lucas


Game's CD.