Coin-op Misc. game published 43 years ago by SEGA Enterprises

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Heli-Shooter © 1978 Sega.

Sit in a simulated helicopter cockpit and maneuver through enemy skies. Push control stick forward to speed up and pull back to slow down. Swerve to left or right by depressing the left or right foot pedals and guide the helicopter to avoid enemy missiles.

The wide screen gives a true impression of peering through the cockpit bubble. Enemy territory is visible below with airports, harbors and various structures dotting the landscape.

Zero in on the enemy targets marked in red and launch your missile by depressing the firing button on the control stick. Watch your missile streak towards the target with a burst of yellow flame. It's a direct hit! The target explodes with a roar in a burst of lame.

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Size : W122cm w D225cm x H175cm

Game play timer is adjustable from 60 to 90 seconds.


Heli-Shooter's sound effects are heightened with a combination of 6 different sounds.

Heli-Shooter can be seen working in the french movie 'Diva' by Jean-Jacques Beineix (1981).


Score 500 points by hitting the fighter planes on the runway or 200 points for the other targets.


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