Heartbroken [Model AT 350]

Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass. published 32 years ago by Atlantis Soft.

Heartbroken [Model AT 350] screenshot

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Heartbroken © 1989 Atlantis

An evil warlock has taken captive Princess Mertha and is holding her to ransom for her father's Kingdom. To prevent her rescue the warlock has created an army of fearsome ogres, giant trolls, castle guards and ghost demons. All these must be overcome of you are to rescue your sweetheart and prove your loyalty to the King.

Merlin the Wizard has retired, but you have found his magic firebolt. If you can also find his book of spells you may yet succeed in your quest. It is rumoured that the book contains the secret of "Alchemy", the ultimate magic spell that turns base metal into gold. When you have found the book of spells, you must then locate the magic cauldron. If you have accumulated enough points, you will then be able to select and use the magic spells.

Will you overcome the warlock's evil creations? Will you survive long enough to create the golden key that is needed to free Princess Mertha?


Game ID: AT 350