Hawk Storm

Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass. published 30 years ago by Players Premier

Hawk Storm screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME !

Hawk Storm © 1991 Players Premier.

You are Hawk Storm, brave and intrepid warrior of the planet Edos. The sole source of Life Energy on Edos are the giant capacitoid crystals that store energy by day, and regenerate it during the bitterly cold nights. Now the evil Neviks have stolen all but two of these crystals. The incremental power generated by the crystals is exponential. The power generated by the remaining two is insufficient to sustain normal life. Consequently the remaining Edosians have entered a Life Suspension Program, in the hope that you can retrieve the stolen crystals before the dwindling power of the remaining crystals is insufficient to fuel the Life Suspension Program, and the last civilised life for on Edos perishes for good. You have been teleported from the cocoon-like safety of Edos, to the barren wastelands inhabited by the Neviks, which you must diligently search, in your quest to find the thirty two stolen crystals, and save your civilisation from extinction.


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