Harley-Davidson Motor Cycles

Slot Machine published 26 years ago by IGT

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Harley-Davidson Motor Cycles © 2002 IGT [International Game Technologies].

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are a way of life. The raw beauty and heart-pounding sound is unmistakable. Now the unique sense of adventure associated with the open road is ready to ride as a 5-reel, 12-line video slots game.


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* The Eagle Bonus is triggered when three, four or five Eagle symbols land anywhere on the reels. Select an eagle and win the revealed credit value.

* When three or more Road Rally symbols land consecutively on an active payline, get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience. You're born to be wild and ready to win during the Road Rally Bonus game. So lean back, check your gauges, and earn credits on the way to each destination. There are three rallies to complete. If you make the rally goals on all three destinations without running out of spins, you are automatically qualified for the Great American Rally Bonus where you select your favorite Rally t-shirt icon to reveal more credits or you could earn up to a 4-times multiplier. During bonus game play, the number of spins you have left is represented on your gas gauge. Also, be sure to watch the top box motorcycle wheel literally spin your way to more winnings.

* When five Harley-Davidson Jackpot symbols land on the first payline with a maximum bet on all paylines, the game awards the top jackpot AND a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy motorcycle!