Habamerge [Model 3APL-06]

Apple III disk. published by WAP

Not listed in MAME yet.

Habamerge [Model 3APL-06] © 199? WAP [Washington Apple Pi III SIG]

Habamerge was a commerical program offered by HABA Systems, the original distributor of 3EZ Pieces. It has the same interface as 3EZPs and is designed to merge data base mailing list information into letters, or as labels. In fact, Habamerge will print THREE ACROSS mailing labels - something 3EZPs can't do! HOWEVER - it will NOT load a 3EZP or AppleWorks Word Processing file! ONLY ASCII Text files. However, it is an Assembly Language program (the SOS.INTERP file) so it's pretty fast.


PD's disk.