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H2Overdrive © 2009 Raw Thrills.

H2Overdrive delivers stunning “in-your-face” Next-Gen graphics with its 42” Hi-Def LCD panel. Players are directly immersed in action with force feedback steering, a beefed-up throttle and a powerful seat subwoofer. There are plenty of jumps and secret paths to explore while cruising 7 watery tracks from around the world. Choose from 9 different powerful boats and collect boosters and super boosters to enhance performance. H2Overdrive promotes replay and higher earning capacity with the option to create profiles and save players’ accomplishments for future play. H2Overdrive is powered by a Dell Computer with a 1-year warranty, and can link up to 8 cabinets for the ultimate tournament experience!

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Height = 83.09 inches (211.05 cm)
Depth = 65.92 inches (167.43 cm)
Width = 41.31 inches (104.93 c )


H2Overdrive was released in May 2009.

This game is a spiritual successor to Midways's "Hydro Thunder". Before Midway closed their arcade division were actually working on an official "Hydro Thunder 2" that never made it very far in development. This division formed the company 'Specular Interactive' to develop games for 'Raw Thrills'.

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Developed by Specular Interactive.


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