A 45-year-old Arcade Video Game by MLA Electronics

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Gyro-Pong © 1973 MLA Electronics.


Gyro-Pong the Arcade Video Game
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Atari released "Pong" in late 1972. This game was so popular that many arcade game manufacturers began to copy Pong and release their own version. Most consisted in a nearly same electronic board (but a different cabinet). Others proposed Pong with more players, boundaries for removing 'dead spots', color picture, and even several games that could be played against the machine.

Another smart idea that didn't really copy Atari's game was special upgrade kits. As a matter of fact, they allowed customers to use their original Atari Pong games and do some modifications that game more player controls and game options.

The Gyro-Pong kit allowed :
* Replacing the PONG knobs by joysticks for bi-directional paddle motions
* Adding selectable paddle size (3 sizes)
* Adding ball speed control

A Gyro-Pong machine was showed up at the 2003 classic arcade games show 'California Extreme', San Jose, California.

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