The Arcade Video Game PCB by Kaneko Co., Ltd.

Guts'n screenshot

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[ARCADE] Arcade Video Game PCB

Guts'n © 2000 Kaneko Company, Limited.

A puzzle game from Kaneko.


Kaneko Super Nova System hardware

Main CPU : SH-2 (@ 28.638 Mhz)
Sound Chips : Yamaha YMZ280B (@ 16.666666 Mhz)

Screen orientation : Horizontal
Video resolution : 320 x 240 pixels
Screen refresh : 60.00 Hz
Palette colors : 32768

Players : 2
Control : 8-way Joystick
Buttons : 3


Developed by Kouyousha, Ltd. (Nova Project Team).

Guts'n was Released in June 2000 by Kaneko.

Kaneko planned to develop a new arcade system board called 'Nova-F1', but they were involved in a lawsuit. So their new arcade system board was cancelled.


Voices : Etsuko Kozakura, Susumu Chiba
Planners : Koizumi, Raika
Game designers : Mopi, Yuuichi Hirose
Programmers : Tomoaki Kusano, Mihoko Yamamoto
Graphic designers : Yuuichi Hirose, Gorilla
Sound designer : Akira Takemoto
Producer : Lungfish

Game's ROM.
Game's screenshots.