GunBullet [Model SLPS-00930]

Sony PlayStation Game published 22 years ago by NAMCO

Not emulated yet.


GunBullet © 1997 NAMCO, Ltd.

Namco's surreal shoot-'em-up has arrived on PlayStation at last, and the classic arcade blast has been perfectly translated, including the 2-Player mode as you battle your way through 48 mind-bending stages.

An all-new feature for PlayStation is the Quest Mode where the players take on the roles of Dr Don & Dr Dan and guide them through a quest for hidden treasure on GunBullet Island.

GunBullet is the first game to support two G-Con 45's for 'unrivalled rivalry' for 2-Players and also contains support for normal controllers. Are you ready to adopt the bonkers personae of Dr Don & Dr Dan?

GunBullet, about as much fun as you can have whilst keeping your clothes on!


Game ID: SLPS-00930


Released on August 07, 1997 in Japan.

[JP] "GunBullet [Model SLPS-91147]"

Export releases:
[EU] Point Blank
[US] "Point Blank [Model SLUS-00481]"