Gun Smoke

Gun game published by KASCO

Impossible to emulate.

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Gun Smoke © 197? KASCO (Kansai Seiki Seisakusho Co.).

In Gun Smoke, you are armed with a rifle and try to out-draw a wild West gunslinger who stands inside the swinging doors of a saloon. If you win the draw, the 3-D gunslinger falls into the dust; if you lose, he stands triumphant with his six-shooter still smoking. What is remarkable, technically speaking, is that both alternatives are contained in the 3-D action of the hologram. Sophisticated video game players might find the action primitive, but the holographic movie action is impressive.
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Advertised as the first hologram 3-Dimension game.

If you're intent on seeing holographic games of the future now, there are a few games in existence. Once such game is Gun Smoke. Built for and displayed in the Museum of Holography, it costs two bits to take a shot and a score of 38 will win you a free game. No sweat for gamers used to rolling a game!

Kansai Seiki Seisakusho Co. (Kasco), the Japanese company that makes Gun Smoke, has sold over 6,000 of them, but there are only 750 in the United States. Kasco also markets two other holographic games, Samurai and Bank Robber.


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