Gun Nac [Model TKS-XG]

Nintendo Famicom Cart. published 29 years ago by Tonkin House

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Gun Nac © 1990 Tonkin House.

Gun Nac is a vertical shooter by Compile and published by Tonkin House. Iota Synthetica is an artificial solar system on the far side of our galaxy. Humans have been living there for years and life is prosperous in all ways. But things are about to change - one day the idyllic world is hit by strange cosmic radiations which bring some unexpected side effects. Inanimate objects suddenly come to life, animals turn into large monsters and all attack the same targets - humans. The player takes control of Gun Nac and flies to the rescue. The eight artificial planets of Iota Synthetica must be cleaned up and each one has its own unique theme, from the Lunarus moon and its army of evil rabbits to the aquatic world of Atlantajorja. The fighter starts rather small and weak but power-ups can dramatically increase its strength ten-fold. Five weapons are available for the picking - Vulcan/spread gun (Blaster), explosive-gun (Screen Buster), homing waves (Search Driver), flame Thrower (Dragon Napalm) and lasers (Wide Beam). Special wings can be equipped to increase the ship's firepower and to help it sustain enemy hits. Finally, the game features four different bombs based on elementals - fire rotating rings (Fire Bomb), wall of ice (Blizzard Bomb), thunder lightning (Thunder Bomb and water rain (Water Bomb). A grand total of twenty bombs can be carried at the same time. Some ships drop money which can be collected by the player and used to purchase/upgrade weapons or to release valuable bomb icons in coming levels.




Gun Nac was released on October 05, 1990 in Japan for 6000 Yen.


Developed by Compile and Tokyo Shoseki

Compile Staff:
Game Design & Program: D.M.A Boisu Jemini, Billiards Mizuta
Graphic Designer: Heavy Sleeper Janus, Papageena Anego
Music: Golfer Sakoda
Sound Effect: Mats
Tool & Converter: Shii Purasupurasu Taka, Pochi (Cyber) Nakamori
Coordinater: Moo Niitani

Tokyo Shoseki Staff:
Original Plan: M. Azuma
Director: Astina Matsu
Designer: K. Yano, Yokorin, Y. Kaneko
Technical Support: Miyatan, Yossha Matsu
Special Thanks to: Emarin, Kusuke, H. Shibata, Kazo Oyamada, Kanta. U, Yako Piapia
Producer: Ikuro Urai

Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel;