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List of songs playables on this page:

01 we are..... (title demo).vgz
02 title screen.vgz
03 coin.vgz
04 [sfx] take off.vgz
05 desert mountain storm (bgm 1).vgz
06 welcome to heaven (boss).vgz
07 in the sky (bgm 5 & 6).vgz
08 ka.ra.me.te (bgm 3).vgz
09 ka.ra.me.te (bgm 3) -no intro-.vgz
10 moai (bad ending).vgz
11 [sfx] wind.vgz
12 to the wilderness (bgm 4).vgz
13 yun fao (bgm 7).vgz
14 maspy (last boss).vgz
15 on top of the clouds (good ending - first half).vgz
16 on top of the clouds (good ending - second half).vgz
17 unprost (name register).vgz
18 unused.vgz