GuitarFreaks 8thMix [Model GEC08]

Konami System 573 disc+cart. published 21 years ago by Konami Corp.

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GuitarFreaks 8thMix [Model GEC08] screenshot

GuitarFreaks 8thMix © 2002 Konami Co., Ltd.

GuitarFreaks is a game where colored notes travel up the screen which correspond with three colored buttons on a guitar controller. The player must press the relevant buttons on the controller and move the 'pluck' when the notes reach the top of the screen in order to fill in missing guitar parts from a song.



Konami Bemani 573 Digital Hardware


GuitarFreaks 8thMix was released in August 2002 in Japan.

This game can be linked with "DrumMania 7th Mix".

Konami Music Entertainment released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Guitar Freaks 8th Mix & DrumMania 7th Mix Soundtracks - KOLA-002) on 23/10/2002.


* Playstyle menu : Press start button with holding B after inserted a credit
OR Hold start button after selected a music

* Session cancel : Press start button with holding R after inserted a credit

* Difficulty change : In a music selection screen, hold G and input P (Picking Lever) twice.

* Music sorting with alphabet : In a music selection screen, hold and turn effector.

* Secret mode : Input the following code in mode or music selection screen
BASS : P, G, G, P
Open Pick : P, G, G, P, P, G, G, P
Speed Change : G, G, G
Little : R, R, R, G, G, B, B, B, P

* Secret music 1 (Extra Stage) : Finish Standard mode or Bonus Track mode with total rank S OR Get 400 points and save data to a card

* Secret music 2 (Encore Stage) : Finish Extra Stage with total rank S
OR Get 600 points ans save data to a card.


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9. GuitarFreaks 8thMix (2002)
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13. GuitarFreaks V (2005)
14. GuitarFreaks V2 (2005)
15. GuitarFreaks V3 (2006)
16. GuitarFreaks V4 Rock√óRock (2007)
17. GuitarFreaks V5 Rock to Infinity (2008)
18. GuitarFreaks V6 Blazing!!!! (2009)
19. GuitarFreaks XG (2010)
20. GuitarFreaks V7 (2010)
21. GuitarFreaks XG2 Groove to Live (2011)
22. GuitarFreaks V8 (2011)
23. GuitarFreaks XG3 (2012)
24. GITADORA GuitarFreaks (2013)


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Official website: http://www.konami.jp/am/gfdm/gf8dm7/index.html