Guitar Hero Arcade

Arcade Video game published 14 years ago by Raw Thrills

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Guitar Hero Arcade © 2009 Raw Thrills.

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Height = 86 in. (218.4 cm)
Depth = 39.5 in. (100.3 cm)
Width = 32.5 in. (82.6 cm)

Weight (Shipping) = 472 lbs. (214 kg)


Guitar Hero Arcade is based upon "Guitar Hero III - Legends of Rock". Development on the arcade version began when 'World Tour' was still being built, and Raw Thrills didn't want to interrupt the development process of Activision's new band game.


1.46CEC 07/23/10
- Same as 1.36CEC w/os 8.8
- support Optiplex 740 and Optiplex 580
- Fixes 220GT BSOD

1.42 01/11/10
- fix infinite record reboot issue

1.41 12/31/09
- fix the Virgo/Allah mis-interpretation

1.37 12/9/09
- add monitor detection to OS/boot script
- fix test menu indexing

1.36CEC 11/19/09
- Removed song disable from test menu
- Removed quick continue

1.35CEC 11/10/09
- fix finished games audit
- fix boot timer initialization
- remove reference to dip switches

1.33CEC 10/14/09
- First build of CEC branch
- Continue screen is moved up on beginner/easy on single player
- CEC branch now no longer checks DIP switches, CEC mode is on by default
- dip menus and messages removed
- CEC default coinage changed to their preferences

1.35 09/29/09
- Fixed song fade out messages on difficulty select screen
- Lowered default high scores
- Fixed a bug where setting the video delay resulted in a hang
- Changed some of the text that shows up on the difficulty select screen
- Fixed a bug where the "POW" graphic didn't show up on calibration

1.33 09/24/09
- Changed default audio delay from 130ms to 115ms
- reorganized test menus
- Add warning for premium songs with fading enabled

1.31 09/14/09
- Fix to the uncompleted audit output
- fix easy, medium fadeouts
- Failsafe check for credits in in attract

1.30 08/27/09
- fix continue pricing coming off a multiplayer game
- Changed debug boot message to show how many credits the game has
- cec games played on beg, easy or med fade after 1:00, 1:15, and 1:30
- default high scores for beg easy and med have been dropped

1.28 08/31/09
- clear name field correctly going into name entry
- fix menu/preview music after beginner game
- fix free non-strumming chord hit after note hitin beginner mode
- Fix bug with default name in high score continue being incorrectly filled

1.27 08/12/09
- fix right player's lefty flip info on a single player continue
- can block other songs as well with family mode activated
- fix factory restore issue with family mode song activation
- restart input checking if dropped
- end songs after 60 seconds in family mode 2
- decrease the default high scores in beginner mode
- only fade out early if all players in beginner mode in multiplayer
- fix name entry cursor

1.26 08/04/09
- option to set serial number moved to test menu
- autovolume defaults to off when selecting reset on the adjustment screen
- yank coin count from attract

1.25 07/30/09
- Default auto volume adjust is now off
- Bootup check for dongle seeding is disabled
- Small fix to output information on watchdog config checks

1.24 07/21/09
- all screens support the keypad where valid
- replace loading screen with hst screen in single player
- beginner mode players can now enter their high scores after a game
- change out the green text on the in-game beginner/no fail banner
- remove repear in family mode
- the disable songs menu no longer highlights anything in family mode
- add unit serial number to lifetime credit count in attract
- reduced bog in budokan
- tweak volume auto adjustment

1.23 07/09/09
- double the integration time considered for automatic volume increases
- hold both blue fret buttons to show the current volume adjustment
- fix display of attract mode volume in volume settings screen
- add volume adjustment test to diagnostics menu
- bump volume adjustment resolution
- volume test screen has been reworked to use new computation
- removed audio cue from video lag calibration
- rig the video calibrator to accept negative values as well

1.19 07/01/09
- hit orange on both guitars in attract for lifetime coin count
- added a box on volume screen showing the current volume base
- volume value now gets reset immediately when volume is changed
- keypad supported in all login screens for entering names or numbers
- added a vu meter to the volume screen in test mode
- changed interval to retry a watchdog check to a minute
- no fail mode added to adjustments
- add bigger better banners to beginner mode during gameplay
- add same banners and longer description to the tutorial screen
- add beginner mode blurb in attract mode detailed tutorial
- add separate pricing for continues in the adjustment screen

1.16 06/09/09
- lefty flip state is carried over on continue
- tweaked legend positions on the audits screen
- axed the free game stuff for winning a faceoff
- continue screen lamps
- Audit added to track if the I/O board is dropped

1.15 06/03/09
- fix multiple button graphic glitch in beginner mode
- fix sustain graphic glitch in beginner mode
- properly jump to serial entry screen if an invalid or unset serial is
seen on the dongle during boot up
- add watchdog status to test menu

1.14 05/27/09
- keypad support, switchtest added
- fix cursor in name entry when last name was censored
- end game, continue/free game picks the actual winner now
- strum doesn't trigger in switch test if guitar is disabled
- Fix bug where two matings cause a guitar to appear to be on both sides
- watchdog delay decreased
- version info now correctly grabbed from dongle
- reduce health loss, bump free time in beginner mode

1.13 05/19/09
- add beginner mode
- add a continue screen, retains character info, difficulty, name, etc
- add a shadow to the countdown timer
- tally coins directly on dongle for rev share
- add dongle serial numbers and serial entry screen
- add free game option for faceoff winners

1.12 05/13/09
- revise volume system to 20 point scale
- doubled save memory
- Added db to the volume adjust screen

1.11 05/05/09
- added family mode message to the adjustment screen
- fix hst name sizing issue
- add family mode 2 (cec) with alternate setlist
- tweak loading screen messages
- fix Casey/Judy/Hell removal with dip switch 2 on

1.09 04/30/09
- fix volume display
- remove Same Old Song and Dance in family mode

1.08 04/23/09
- restrict hst name entry to A-Z, 0-9, and "space"
- rix randomization issue
- fix camera effect crash
- bumped up the options for coinage to 16 units
- save in background heading back to attract after game
- Added check for strum so that input won't get displayed on switch test
- pushed "going down for maintenance" message to front
- JAMMA I/O board will reconnect after detachment
- tweak watchdog check on boot
- fixed graphics bug in song disable when only 1 or 2 were available/tier
- added red orange and blue specific lamp tests
- added a column of explicit ONs and OFFs to the dip switch test
- remove Hell, Judy, and Casey from family mode
- added some instructions to the dip switch menu
- bonus credit counter no longer clears when active credits is back at 0
- update to i/o board redetection
- Increased the length of time before the I/O board is seen as missing
- Fixed I/O board detection post watchdog reboot on an Optiplex

1.05 03/31/09
- service dongle support finalized
- implemented the dip switch test
- turned song disabling back on
- turned bonus credits on, defaults to disabled
- Updated fretboard firmware version check
- Added a check/message if the I/O board is missing on boot
- clear audio lag, video lag on factory restore
- FMOD version displayed on test menu
- Fret board firmware and hardware versions are also now correctly
determined and displayed on the test menu
- Version string added to first page of audits
- DIP switch screens and dis. mode enable via DIP switches

1.04 03/24/09
- disabled the song disabling and bonus credit system
- fix presave in multiplayer
- Fix bug where timer for the instructions in a 2p game wouldn't expire
- Fix of highway lag due to FMOD update
- Increased grace period for loss for all difficulty levels

1.02 03/23/09
- Lefty flip messages updated
- "disable songs" disabled
- disable blue and orange fret button input in attract
- add notion of bonus credits
- rework of the coin audits to remove confusion regarding bill counting and
coins vs. credits, also added bonus credits paid out
- bill pulse adjustment removed
- reversed the order on the adjustment values so hitting up on the strum bar
or volume will now increase the value and vice versa
- reset the display timer on the number of active credits when a coin drop
is detected
- reduced the default volumes to old values
- added a periodic update so timers and coin data etc update while the
screen is active
- re-enabled song disabling in the test menu
- fix coin audit reset
- properly reset tilt and lamp settings after a factory restore
- update fmod to version 4.16
- remove save delay heading into multiplayer game
- correctly catch used credits from second player
- properly check & recheck watchdog during game startup
- add konami sound effect to logo screen
- fix demo song fadeout timing

1.00 03/16/09
- Bass boosted in song data


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