GT-R 400 [Model SLES-52045]

A 14-year-old Sony PlayStation 2 Game by Midas Int. Ent.

Not emulated in MAME


GT-R 400 © 2004 Midas Int. Ent.

Are you the next GT-R 400 champion?

With highly sophisticated physics and handling, GT-R 400 gives you the best racing simulation yet! Each racetrack has been uniquely designed to provide the perfect racing experience.

Choose from some of the meanest monsters of the track, including the Ascari KZ1 and the Mosler MT900R, then head for the tarmac and compete nose to tail against the likes of British GT 2003 Champion Martin Short.

*Race across 16 varied and ultra-realistic tracks in 3 different continents.

*GT-R 400 features 6 progressive championships.

*The time trial mode will push you to the limit and reward the best drivers with new vehicles, tracks and a special Supercar to unlock.

*Real-time damage affects the performance of your car.

*The multiplayer mode lets two players fight it out wheel to wheel.


Game ID: SLES-52045


Developed by Kuju Entertainment Ltd