Gremlins [Model CX26127]

Atari 2600 cart. published 36 years ago by Atari, Inc.

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Gremlins © 1984 Atari, Incorporated.

You start the game with four lives. The game player is Billy and the game consists of two phases: The Mogwai Phase and the Gremlin Phase.

It's after midnight; if Mogwai eat now, terrible consequences follow! Billy must prevent the Mogwai from reaching the hamburgers at the bottom of the screen by catching them. When the Mogwai reach the food, they eat it and turn into pupas. If eight Mogwai turn into pupas, the Mogwai Phase ends and players automatically start the Gremlin Phase. Alternatively, after four waves of eight Mogwai, you receive 200 bonus points for each hamburger that is not eaten. Then the Gremlin Phase starts.

Too Late! Eight pupas have formed. The Gremlins are coming! In the Gremlin Phase the incubating pupas hatch into Gremlins and attack. As they charge down the screen toward Billy, he must shoot up at them to stop them. If a Gremlin arrives at the bottom of the screen, it knocks Billy off, and the player loses a life and returns to the Mogwai Phase. In higher levels of Phase Two, the Gremlins travel through water, which causes them to multiply! When Billy shoots all the Gremlins in a wave, he advances to the next level of the Mogwai Phase.

Use your flashcubes when things get too grim! You get two flashcubes each Gremlin Phase. They appear as white squares in the lower left corner of the screen. When you activate a flashcube (by pulling back on your joystick), any Gremlins at the bottom of the screen run away and Gremlins coming down the screen stop for a few seconds.


BILLY: Billy is a nice young fellow who works in a bank. His life is fairly ordinary until his dad gives him a Mogwai for Christmas. Then the extraordinary happens!

MOGWAI: The Mogwai is a cute and cuddly animal that Billy's dad discovers in a Hong Kong junk store. If not properly cared for, the Mogwai can turn into something grim! Rules for the care of Mogwai:

1. Keep them away from water. Don't ever get them wet. Water makes them multiply.
2. Keep them out of light. They hate bright light. It will kill them.
3. But the most important thing, the thing you must never forget, is that no matter how much they cry, no matter how much they beg, never, NEVER feed them after midnight. If you do, they'll hatch into Gremlins!

GREMLIN: The Gremlin has an evil glint in his eyes. He causes problems wherever he goes. He's mischievous -- in fact, he's dangerous!


Model CX26127


MOGWAI PHASE (points per Mogwai caught):
Level 1: 100 Points.
Level 2: 110 Points.
Level 3: 120 Points.
Level 4: 130 Points.
Level 5: 140 Points.
Level 6: 150 Points.
Level 7: 160 Points.
Level 8: 170 Points.

Bonus for each hamburger that remains at the end of four waves: 200 points.

GREMLIN PHASE (points per Gremlin caught):
Level 1: 200 Points.
Level 2: 210 Points.
Level 3: 220 Points.
Level 4: 230 Points.
Level 5: 240 Points.
Level 6: 250 Points.
Level 7: 260 Points.
Level 8: 270 Points.


* Don't stray too far from the screen center. It's the best location for running left and right to catch Mogwai.


* If you shoot one Gremlin and another is directly above it, shoot the second one before you move away.

* At upper levels, try to destroy a Gremlin before it travels through water and multiplies.

* Wait until Gremlins hot the bottom of the screen before activating a flashcube. Gremlins must be at Billy's level to run away -- otherwise they're just stunned.


Programmer: Scott Smith
Graphics: Mimi Nyden
Sound: Robert Vieira


Game's ROM.