Green Thumb

Slot Machine published 7 years ago by Multimedia Games, Inc.

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Green Thumb © 2013 Multimedia Games, Inc.

Spend some time in the garden and cultivate some green with this fun game. The Watering Can Bonus, activated when the Watering Can symbol appears on the middle reel, makes Small and Medium Plant symbols ‘grow’ into Large Plant symbols. Paylines are awarded once the ‘watering’ is complete. The Venus Fly Trap bonus begins once the Venus Fly Trap symbol appears on the middle reel, and all line pays are evaluated as the Venus Fly Trap symbol eats the insect symbols appearing on the reels. For each insect eaten, an ascending credit value is awarded. The Growing Green bonus offers six picks from a field of 24 spots. Players can uncover veggies or flowers for credit awards, watering cans and honeybees for multipliers, or ladybugs for additional picks.


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