Great British Golf [Model 6901592]

Phillips CD-i disc published 27 years ago by Philips Interactive Media, Inc.

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Great British Golf © 1994 Philips Interactive Media, Incorporated.

This interactive disc will appeal to golfers the world over. Take an historical trip through 500 years of golfing history to see and hear the game's evolution, past masters, equipment and memorable moments. Many hours of TV viewing, in easily accessible segments are presented for your enjoyment and education. This hitherto unpublished collection, based on the material of St. Andrew's own British Golf Museum is sure to capture the imagination of young and old. When you think you know your golfing history try the trivia quiz against a friend or foe. Played in the form of match play on the Old Course at St. Andrews, this quiz can be teasingly testing for even the game's experts. And for a different challenge take your place in a sudden death playoff at St. Andrews with famous personalities from the past - Old Tom, Mary and The Captain. Select a ball from the choice of feathery, gutty and haskell, select clubs from the choice of brassie, cleek, mashie and niblick. Then play away and watch out for St. Andrews' surprise hazerds. To keep you down the middle the comments of Anderson the caddie will prove entertaining if not enlightening. This playoff can be nerve racking especially if you play your opponent for a small stake as golfers used to do, and still do today.


Model 6901592


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