GrandSTAR Internet Jukebox

A 11-year-old Coin-op Jukebox by AMI

Not emulated in MAME


GrandSTAR Internet Jukebox © 2007 AMI [Automatic Musical Instruments].

The GrandSTAR internet jukebox is a free standing internet jukebox which uses the same cabinet design as one of the factory’s earlier CD models. This model operates on the AMI Entertainment Network over a broadband or dialup connection.

Features include Any Song, Any Time which allows users to search by artist, album or song; and Music on Demand, which allows users to choose from the complete database of music.

The GrandSTAR internet jukebox has a wireless router, with AMI providing complete operator control over the router and communication. The addition of the broadband router also allows connection to Merit countertop games. A dial up modem is also available for those without a broadband connection.


GrandSTAR Internet Jukebox the Coin-op Jukebox
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Dimensions :
Height : 62.5 inches (158.7 cm)
Width : 41.5 inches (105.4 cm)
Depth : 26.5 inches (67.3 cm)

Net Weight : 343 pounds (157 kg)

Amplifier : 1,000-watt Studio Sound amplifier with 70-volt transformer kit and 5-band equalizers.

Screen : 19inches LCD Touch Monitor

Speakers : 6 speakers (2 bass – 12inches, 2 mid-range, 2 tweeters)


It is available with 2 different door lighting options, with Black/Multi and Orange/Red models available.

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