Grandmother's Predictions

A Coin-op Fortune Teller by Munves

Not emulated yet.


Grandmother's Predictions © 193? Mike Munves.


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Here is an example of card you can found in this machine back in the 30s. It reads:
(image of man walking with a large key behind him
to a door w a large keyhole)
This key will open up many a door for you
Because there is a great deal of happiness in store for your
This is the key of happiness. It is being brought straight to you. Guard it carefully. Do not lose sight of it by a thoughtless act. You will now have entree' to a new strata of society. This will give you a great deal of happiness. You are well on your way towards financial success. You will meet some new people who will offer you a business proposition. This will be your golden opportunity. Grab it. It will unlock new riches for you.
Drop another Coin in the slot and I will tell you more. (Bold)
Your Lucky Numbers -- 009 -- 11, 17, 15, 13
Copyright 1944, Mike Munves Corp., New York

Machine's picture.