Grand Roulette Deluxe

Slot Machine published 12 years ago by AGI

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Grand Roulette Deluxe © 2008 AGI [Austrian Gaming Industries] [Novomatic Group].

Grand Roulette Deluxe offers players the same range of betting options as on a live French Roulette table. Brilliant user-friendly graphics, an individual game speed and detailed info screens make this Roulette a treat for beginners and professionals alike.

The bottom screen features a classic single zero table layout and displays the player's credits in stacked chips. Players can either place their bets by fingertip or by 'drag & drop' on the touchscreen. All bets are also indicated by markers directly on the Roulette wheel which is displayed on the top screen. This screen also features the game description as well as a detailed game history including hot and cold numbers to support the player’s strategy. A light bar symbolizes the Roulette ball and circles around the wheel until it eventually rests on the winning number. All winning bets are highlighted on the Roulette layout.
Cool Fire II
Release date : January 22, 2008
Official website; http://www.novomatic.com