Grand National Race

A 46-year-old Coin-op Misc. Game by SEGA Enterprises

Not emulated in MAME


Grand National Race © 1972 Sega.

Amid the fanfare of bugles, the getle clop of horse's gallop and the din of an excited crowd, the Grand National Race begins. A single horse moves down the track and encounters hurdle type obstacles that must be negotiated in order to score.

The horse's jump is controlled by the player as the moving track presents changing hurdles of different height and length.

It is very challenging to be able to time the horse's jump properly and hold it long enough to clear succesfully to the older side. he jump is energized by the player by pressing on a large activator that fits into the palm of the hand as he leans forward on the front railling of the track.
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Grand National Race the Coin-op Misc. Game
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Dimensions :
59in. High
28in. Wide
53.5in. Deep

Free play is operator adjustable from 5000 to 9000 points.
Playing time is also adjustable from 50 to 110 seconds at 110 Hz, or from 40 to 90 seconds at 60 Hz.

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